Friday, July 19, 2013

Easy Peasy Disenchanting Goldifier! Ultimate DE Spreadsheet

Welcome to the best way I know of to make gold in with disenchanting in WoW! After a few weeks of working on it on the side and a few days of actually banging my head against Excel, "tah dah," here it is. I hope it's a useful tool for you in your goldmaking. So, what is the Goldifier?

In short, it answers the question "Will D/Eing this item be profitable?" It does so in two different ways. The first tab is the Easy-Peasy Disenchanting Goldifier, which walks you through mat prices and item characteristics, and then calculates the maximum you should pay for that disenchantable item. If you're looking at many different ilvl pieces at the same time, are a math geek, or just prefer reading tables, the Armor and Weapon tabs show the full pricing breakdown by ilvl.  So what are you waiting for?! Go to the Auction house right now, sort ilvl 364 and above armor/weapons by price and lets make some freakin gold!

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Why I did this project:
"Reck, I have 3 addons that do this, total waste of time, yo!"
There are addons like Enchantrix that do a great job of telling you how much dust or essence you'll get when disenchanting a particular ilvl item, and they're very accurate (I've checked). However, they don't take into account current prices, which is a huge problem. While some websites and other addons can be set up to do so, even among those there isn't a single one that I've found that accounts for the Bountiful Bags perk (when you DE something it proc's at Proc=sum(1,5)[n(x)^n] where x is between 12 and 13. but if you want to just be lazy you can say it equals 17% or 18% more than normal. From what I understand, we know pretty accurately what the proc equals, and how the proc operates, but the exact numbers are of course Blizzard's. Leaving out the Bountiful Bags perk is something that greatly affects what you would be willing to pay for an item. Since it increases the price cap, it doesn't hurt anything, it just leaves out potential profit. The net net, I wanted to make something that wouldn't lose me money, but would give me an accurate edge over people who were just looking at Enchantrix.

Possible Improvements:
1. Jim from PowerWord:Gold did a video a while back on having materials automatically sync from The Undermine Journal. That would take our step one. And it would be neat to just have people pick their realm and have prices import. That's beyond my Excel abilities at the moment but I'm working on it.

2. The Armor and Weapon tabs aren't pretty enough for me. I'm a perfectionist, but I'm apparently not a graphic designer

3. Expand from just MoP to old expansion disenchanting as well. Oh boy. Recommendation courtesy Goblin Raset, the Drunken Mogul.

Thanks for reading and using this, I sincerely hope that it's helpful. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, I might expand on a D/E guide, like my Blacksmithing Guide or I might go into Trade Skill Master 2.0 since I'm starting to get the hang of it since my giddy little introductory post on that.

9/13 Heroic Durumu is dead after two weeks of work! Warriors are not good here, or at least, I am not good here. And for some reason this is our official guild screenshot. On our kill, our raid leader died, and got rezzed into the knockback. Noob. :P Grats to everyone for their hard work on this guy though! On to Twins! Then we can just pretend Dark Animus, and Lei Shen don't exist and call it a full clear. Hazaa!

P.S. We also killed Twin Consorts. So we're technically 10/13. But we two-shot them, so it's hardly even worth mentioning. :P

Until next time remember that there's no magic bullet. The best way to make gold in World of Warcraft is to
Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day.


  1. Most weapons vendor for more then the mats you get from d/e.

    1. You're probably looking at either small shard blues, which yah, screw those, or Greens in the top of the ilvl "brackets."

      If you look at the Armor and Weapon tab, you'll see that there are actually a few different ilvls that break down into the same amount of materials. Thing is though, that each of those vendors for a lower price, so for instance, while a 429 vendors for 26g61s, a 416 (from which you get the same mats) vendors for 25g36s. If mat prices on your realm are low though, then try to buy the ilvls in the lower end of the brackets. Orrrr, just stick to Armor. Probably less work. :P

      Auctioneer does have a Vendor search function which I recommend using and explain using here and could help you find weapons that are being sold for less than the vendor price

      TSM 2.0 will include an easier to use vendor search though. :)

  2. This was very helpful to validate my assumptions on profitability of Kyparite. On my server it is largely ignored and lower than ghost iron ore. Largely the profit from Kyparite comes from the rare gems, while the necklaces/rings I make and then DE is only a small portion of the profit. I was able to validate my assumption on the value of the green gems converted for DE. It made me realize if I'm strapped for time I might as well vendor the green rings/necklaces rather than take the time to DE since I'm only making 50s or so above vendor price. :)

  3. @ Steven Abott if you are just disenchanting and selling the mats you're probably missing a huge % of the shuffle market from ore> enchanting >>SCROLLS. I personally make a fortune of about just 4 enchants - even on a low pop server I find it hard to keep stocked up - chest glorious stats and windsong chants both sell to leveling and maxed players alike - it is frequently worth resetting the market.

    The money (at the top end of enchanting) is not ime in the mats, but the enchants themselves. That said, even the shuffle between mats can yield a good profit if you do your daily sha crystals without having the "high end" enchants to convert them into.

    @ Reckles - I'd love to try using your spreadsheet, but like lots of people don't use excel! any chance you will add #4 to that list and consider google docs for those of us who are mac /just don't use excel players? Looks like a great tool.


  4. Just curious.....why would the level 25 guild difference matter?

    1. From a user's perspective, it matters a lot. If you DE something that gives a Sha Crystal, 12% of the time, the guild perk will give you an extra Sha Crystal. 1.5% of the time it'll give you two Sha Crystals, and 0.2% of the time it'll give you three (keeps going to five). This applies to dust and essences as well, so when you're doing valuation, any math should take it into account, since you should pay more for that bonus stuff you get.

      Essentially, if you buy 5 greens 416 weapons, and DE them, Enchantrix says you'll get 20 dust, when you'll actually get 23. If dust is 5g each, you should be willing to pay 15 gold more for the lot. It's penny pinching, but when you're setting limits, you miss can miss things in your TSM/Auctioneer searches.


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