Friday, September 20, 2013

Exciting New Upgrades Coming to WTBGold

Heroic progression is in full swing and it looks like it's anyone's game, although Blood Legion and Method are both destroying content. Paragon, the reigning champion, went with an interesting strategy by running flex and killing world bosses before starting heroic mode; no doubt that gear will come in handy. While the top guilds in the world are improving their rankings, I've been working on some big improvements on this site.

I've been in the planning stages for about a month and am about a month or two away from actually releasing everything but dangit I'm just too excited to keep it a total secret anymore. At the moment WTBGold has this WoW blog, my Twitter, and a YouTube channel, but that's just not enough. So, there ya go; big exciting upgrades are coming to the site, even though I'm not going to tell you what they are or exactly when they'll be released. :) #Teaser #TwitterHashtagsOutsideOfTwitterAreTheCoolest

Other than that, I'm just about finished with my new battle pet leveling guide. The old one is a little obsolete since the destruction to the Vale killed off half the Eternal Striders that made grinding them so easy. Critter spawn rates in the Valley also seems to have been nerfed, but I may just be paranoid there. Right now though, I need to go get ready to meet a whole bunch of people I don't know at my girlfriend's high school reunion. Get excited! Until next time, remember to

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Every day.

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