Friday, June 20, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Alliance Zone and Profession Guides

     The Alpha is two weeks in and is in full swing. So far we've been confined to testing Frostfire Ridge, the level 90-92 Horde starting zone, a sprawling snow-drift-filled expanse filled with towering bone castles and hidden ice caves. After the reset, we'll be able to head down south and begin testing the Alliance area and bring you the Alliance area, Shadowmoon Valley, where the main base of operations is the Temple of Karabor. For the lorehounds out there, this is the same base that will eventually become Illidan's Black Temple.

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     My plan for this phase is to explore the questline first. I'm a huge fan of the Alliance and am grateful to be in the Alpha so I want to bring you guys everything you need for professions, but want to do a little due diligence first on the testing front. After that, I'll continue on my Alpha testing professions spree. So far, I've got full guides out on all the Alpha changes with Herbalism and a first look at the Alchemy changes. But the main thing I'd like to let everyone know about is the WTBGold Profession Hub, since any guide I put out will be linked from there for easy reference. It's an easy central location where all video guides can link back: a homepage for Profession Guides on YouTube.

     Alpha Mining Guides and Fishing Guides will be released as soon as possible, and then whichever craftable profession gets the most /cheer's will get leveled next. (Of course if you're looking to make gold right now you can read this or this). I'd like to open this question up to you guys though. What would y'all like to see for the crafted professions? I can either level them 1-600 in order to craft the 4 or 5 items they let you craft when you learn the profession, which takes quite a while since I have to farm the mats (there's no Auction House on the Alpha), or I can just walk you through the profession spellbook like I did with the Alchemy guide after learning 1-700 and put out more guides more quickly. One guide a week or one guide every day or so?

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  1. So, from what you have learned so far, is JC+Alchemy gonna be a sick gold making combo again in WoD ?

    1. I've been on the JC bandwagon from the beginning, but I'm starting to get a little nervous about their thinking. They said point blank that it would be nice to have fewer gems at a higher price, but there are significant price differences in gems on low pop and high pop realms in the gem market. If they're looking to increase the price of gems by 2 or 3 fold, that creates a barrier to entry in raiding on low pop servers. I don't know. I'm going to have to wait and see at this point but it's going to be very profitable if you know what you're doing, are prepared and have a good supply, especially if they have tertiary gems.

      I have pics where I get +10% Leech from second wind and it's amazing. If you can get anywhere near that from gems, then Ask Mr Robot has it's work cut out.

    2. hmmm... well you either misunderstood what i asked or just didnt answer it cause u didnt want to... im only talking about the COMBO of alchemy and jc together feeding mats for each other. if you dont know its ok to say you dont know, as its still alpha and beta stage.

    3. Oh, well, we don't really have anything so far. The only recipes available from the datamining of JC so far are Prismatic Focusing Lens, and Reflecting Prism, which swaps your appearance (neat!). I grinded on a JC toon for hours and hours and didn't get the 600-700 scroll to drop so any subconscious hesitation was probably that. On the alchemy side though, there are xmutes in the game but they're all mining and herbalism based at the moment, with the Alchemical Catalysts. Since my original video, they've introduced cauldrons for all the other herbs in the game as well and added a Transmorphic Tinker, which is more of an effect potion, but it's still ore-based. I'm sure they'll add something down the line, since right now, you can't craft Jewels with Jewel-crafting. :P But, we'll have to wait and see if they'll incorporate a JC-alchemy combo. Remember, in MoP, the JC rare gem/golden lotus skill wasn't fully introduced until 5.2 or 5.3 when prices had dropped enough.

  2. ok, we shall see when the expansion goes live and everyone goes ham lvling.
    i would expect them to follow up that path since it makes sense for 2 very "unfriendly" proffesions to lvl up - to give something in return.

    1. Shouldn't have to wait that long. They'll put the full info into the beta at some point...or they better. /shakefist


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