Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roller Coaster Week

Just wanted to give a little weekly wrap up for any budding fans out there and well, this week has been absolutely nuts.
Oh yah, I just went there

But really, RL and goldmaking alike has been really crazy, and not in the awesome way, but not necessarily in a bad way either. Moving into a new house, and it looks like I'll probably be spending more time than I used to on my laptop, so I'm thinking about going with a shared addon system. I'll try to edit this post later and add a link, but in essence, rather than having your addon folder on your computer's hard drive, you have it on Dropbox, or some other cloud-based file sharing system.  That way, all of your configurations are the same no matter what computer you log into, as long as that computer has your Dropbox login info. 

As far as gold goes, I geared up my bear, and got him raiding, and geared up my priest. I bought some Haunting spirits for Blacksmithing, and then started moving for a few days, so I wasn't really able to post from my PC. I hate to say it but after the gearing and the investments, I was down to less than 50k. Granted, I keep a very large majority of my wealth in inventory, but still, as someone who tries to walk the walk, that really was a downer. So, I came back and was pleasantly surprised when I looted 120k from my mail after the weekend. 

This weekend was also about the same time that I put together a guide on what I thought would happen with the 5.3 ore and herb changes. All of a sudden TUJ came along and gave me a big high five. THANKS GUYS!  YOU'RE AMAZING! I started blogging to help people make gold, growing readership in order to help more people. This was a huge help and I'm really grateful for the boost from y'all and the guys over at Stormspire too.

As far as actual guides go, been piecing together mining slowly but surely and also been working on a case study for a friend from Twitter. Seeing how that goes. Trying to do right by both of those and put in the effort required to make those worthwhile and helpful for the longterm. Other than that, the raid team is just working on Iron Qon. Yayyy!!! Until next time:

Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day!

Been a while since the last update so here's the current values

Fabulous dress, dahling. And is this your...date?
Glyph poster: 
Glyph Value:71,373

 He cuts down trees. He eats his lunch.
Main Poster:
Lumberjack Value: 555,405g

Total Auctioning Value: ,549g
Estimated Inventory: 90k
Avg # of Posting: 720
Revenue per Posting: 105g/post

My Pride and Joy
Total Gold: 84k 158 (-74k)
Total Value of Auctions: 627k(+123k)
Est Inventory: 90k
Mats: ?
Total Wealth: 801k (+139k)

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