Saturday, May 11, 2013

Storytime and Heroic Thunderforged

Well, I took a little time off the heavy grind, as I alluded to in my last post. But I have two fun and quick stories to share with y'all that you can hopefully take with you on your WoW goldmaking journeys.
World of Warcraft Gold Storytime
Hell yah! Storytime!

Situation 1: As I said on my Twitter, there were no Ghost Iron Bars up on the AH the other day. This never happens. So, while on my glyph poster, I decided to pull from my inventory and do a quick reset. Average prices for bars are about 7g each on my sever. Posted ten stacks of 10 at 18g each, ten stacks of 10 at 15g each. and five stacks of 20 at 13.5g each. (Low volume buyers are forced to buy the more expensive ones, and if someone needs a lot, you get the profit as they buy up the ladder). Anyways, within a minute or two, someone posted ten stacks at 7g each. Since he was online, I whispered him to suggest that he could earn a higher profit if he posted higher, somewhere in the range of 8g and my price of 13.5g. 
         Understand, I'm a nice guy, trained in communication and conflict resolution. I also try to follow a rule of never explicitly telling anyone how to play or exactly what to do. Also, while I understand econ, I'm not an expert, and the Auction House is ridiculously complex (no really, there's a reason I haven't linked my charts and graphs), so I don't have enough foundation to tell someone exactly what to do. Long story short, this guy goes ballistic on what was polite advice (*cough* that he later took *cough*) calling me names, cussing me out, letting me know he can post how he pleases, for some reason repeatedly pointing out that this is a "GAME," and flaming me in trade. 
        The punchline of the story is, that he was doing things against his guild's code of conduct. I know this because I happen to also be in that guild. I also happen to have been an officer in that guild since the launch of Cataclysm. Moral: be careful which anonymous bank toons you cuss out, or better yet, just be a nice person all the time. Otherwise, you might just get a shiny new /gkick.

Situation 2: This one is more of a throw-your-hands-up-in-defeat problem. Below is a picture of a competitors recent sales.
Blacksmith Crafted dreadful pvp gear
Blacksmiths will immediately know where this is going

There is a blacksmith on server named Kirien. Kirien thinks that 100g is a good price for blacksmith gear. Reckles likes higher prices. Kirien likes to post low. Kirien also posts a lot. Reckles does not like Kirien being in the market. But seriously, of the pieces listed in the picture above the CHEAPEST median price globally is 415g. Since I haven't been online as much, I can't keep her or him in check either. It's terrible because I see other people starting to undercut and post at 98g, and 97g. I've reset a few times, but other than building up a massive inventory of pvp gear I just don't know what to do. One thing this blacksmith is doing very well is crafting/posting daily, but she is just making very little profit. Please, everyone reading know that if you're the cheapest on the market, it doesn't matter if you're selling for 100g or 500g, people still buy happily as long as you're under the global average price. The difference is that if it took you 5 minutes to gather the ore and post the 11 pieces of gear in the picture above, then selling them them at Kirien's prices would earn you about 250g profit (her actual profit). If you sell them at the median price, you might not sell as many, but you don't need all of them to sell to compete with that profit; you just need to sell ONE, because selling ONE piece earns you 450g profit. 
      I'm almost frustrated enough to go on another binge.


Heroic Tortos The Unnamed kill World of Warcraft

In raiding news, we got the stupid turtle down after three days on the last pull of the week. As a Titan's Grip player, I'm sad, as a Fury Warrior, I'm ecstatic, because Shellsplitter Greataxe HTF and Shellsplitter Greataxe H both dropped. As my raid leader said as soon as they dropped "Welcome to SMF, Reckles!" Really though, it's kindof a WoW dream come true. There is legitemately no better weapon for a fury warrior in the entire game than what I have right now. It's so surreal. Like, if I work hard and practice and theory craft, I can now be one of the best dps in the world, because gear is no longer holding me back. That shiz is cray cray. Anyways, thanks for letting me brag a little about my weapons, guys!

Until next time remember that the best way to make gold in WoW is to 
Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day

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