Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey, Everybody! Come see how good I look!

Well hello there. My, don't you look fabulous in that transmog. Tier 8.5? Very nice.

My name's Reckles, I play on US-Tanaris, and this is a new blog dedicated to sharing the gold making strategies I've learned over the years.  Am I an expert on everything? No. Am I an expert on some things? Yeah, probably. I've been playing since Wrath and my shining moment was getting Realm First 90. Oddly enough, the person who I just barely beat in that race is now my GM. Wish me luck! Good news for y'all though, is that he has a few million gold so I'll send some tips your way from him whenever he has a second.
World of Warcraft Realm First Level 90
You say you need a resume, Mr CEO? This jpg should do.

If you're new to the gold making game, read away. I'll start off with the basics so hopefully, you'll learn a lot. If you've been around for awhile, subscribe and read when you feel like it; I studied Economics at Columbia University so I tend to approach WoW from a more analytical angle than most gold bloggers, with a focus on efficiency over than anything else. In other words, if you want to make the most amount of gold for the amount of time you have to play, I should be able to help you. (Mentioning efficiency, I have a youtube channel where I fully explain all raid boss mechanics for all roles in 60 seconds. It's difficult, but a fun challenge, and I appreciate any input: )

What to expect coming up:
-I'll post a couple times a week
-I'll start off with individual profession guides
-I never did the "20 days of gold making" and as Faid says, "better late than never." :)
-After all that, I'll start going into more specific topics like when to use Auctioneer vs Auctionator, TSM groups and category customization, what re the best dealfinding lists, and who knows, I may even throw in my two copper on whether or not to undercut in the glyph market.

No matter what though, remember that the best way to make gold is to
Search. Craft. Post. Ever Day.

                                                                                                                          Next: Standard Deviation>

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  1. "I may even throw in my two copper on whether or not to undercut in the glyph market." - i get it....


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