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Why You Should Be Selling Alysrazor Runs

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     Alysrazor is one of those quintessential bosses from the Firelands raid; she loves Ragnaros, is made of fire, has fire abilities, spits fire everywhere, avoid fire by fire the fire, and she fire fire Mcfirefire. In other words, if you did this raid when it was current, you were pretty sick of the colors orange and red by the time it was all over. Luckily for goldmakers, there's so much of the nasty stuff on the ground that even at level 90 with ilvl 500+, people still have a lot of trouble soloing this boss. That's where the goldmaking opportuntiy is.

     The goal of killing this boss is to get the ground mount Flametalon of Alysrazor, which looks absolutely fantastic for those who have flame-theme transmog sets. And before you ask, no, this is not the mount that looks like Alysrazor, that's the Smoldering Egg of Milagazor which drops off Rag (the purple one is from the Firelands Achieve). As far as profit potential goes, I recommend either posting out 5k/run or just letting people offer their own amount. You'll get haggled either way, but with the offer version, you'll occasionally get a nice 10k run offer.
     (Math Break: This mount has a very low drop chance, 2%,  and if a comparable epic ground mount is worth ~100k, then each Aly kill has an expected value of 100,000g/50 or 2,000g. However, people who want the mount and are willing to pay for the run will very rarely be risk averse or risk neutral, and instead internalize a higher drop chance for the mount than it actually has - i.e. they'll feel lucky - and will be willing to pay more for it because of that. So, because they feel lucky they feel like it has a 10% chance of dropping, and the run is worth 100,000g/10=10,000g. If they can get a run for 5k, that's a half-off discount and both parties walk away happy; they don't have to fly through those stupid rings and you get more than the expected value of the run.)
     Start off the fight behind the boss as she will claw the ground whenever she's near it. I personally like to grab the last three feathers so I'm always close to Aly's tail, but that's personal preference. DPS her and fly through the first four rings that spawn before immediately returning to the ground to kill the two hatchlings. These adds take 1000% extra damage for a brief period but if you don't kill them, begin to just absolutely wreck you. When they enrage, they are very naughty little baby birdies (I've solo tanked Garrosh with no problem on my Guardian Druid, these guys wreck him). So kill em quickly with the buff and get back into the air. If your flight buff falls off, grab a feather and you should get boosted back up. From here it's just 2 minutes of flying through rings and staying in bounds until the tornado phase.
     The rings themselves give an 8% haste buff and refresh your ability to fly. When you get 25 stacks of the buff, you get an extra 75% crit. Because of this, if you're super-geared, some people just skip the hatchlings all together and kill Alysrazor before the tornados, but why risk that when you're selling the run, right? If you're having trouble with rings, an easy way to do them is to start above and behind Alysrazor until one spawns. Then, without moving, aim for it and fly straight forward. After you hit the ring, hold or tap spacebar a little bit to get back up in the air, so you can get your bird's eye view (lolz, get it?). Repeat this process of going ring to ring. However, if you have good reflexes, and can manage to follow your rotation while flying behind her without doing the aforementioned ring-to-ring strategy, you'll probably get more damage in. Really though, if you're terrible at rings, don't worry, just relax, because everyone was terrible at first. Give it a couple attempts. :)
One of my favorite guide pictures from when this was current.
Too bad the arrows are pointing in the wrong direction.
     For the tornado phase, you land and deal with a billion types of fire on the ground and the fact that you can't see anything over the sheer amount of particle effects on your screen. The goal here though is to strafe around in a big circle and follow a tornado. If you do so, you should avoid most of the damage. The middle lane tonado is best since it's closest to your speed, but be aware that you will catch up to it, so don't be one of the countless raiders out there that didn't let go of their "run" key and died by hugging a flaming tornado. Also, you can still hit Aly while she's flying overhead, but if you need to focus on where your feet are then feel free to do so. With a geared dps toon, she should drop pretty easily after some practice, and either you or your customer will eventually have a shiny new mount!

     All in all, I like this mount run; 5 minutes of haggling, 5 minutes of flying, and 5 minutes of fighting for 5,000g is a pretty decent deal when an efficient mining route brings 3,000 gold per hour. I would prefer it to be a guaranteed drop, but maybe then everyone would already have the bird. It's not at the top of my to-do list, but this is definitely something that I can do once every week and is more fun and exciting than an SSC run. Eventually, people will have high enough gear/ilvl that even the worst players will be able to solo her, but until that day comes, an opportunity for profit exists.
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