Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Mount That Costs 1.5 Million Gold

     Throughout Mists of Pandaria,  any server has seen an occasional mount sold in trade chat or on the Black Market for gold cap- 999,999g. After all, that's all you can give someone...right?

All the badass mounts and the stupid chicken is the most expensive.../sigh
      The development team behind Warlords of Draenor is making strides to reduce the incoming inflation caused by people earning gold questing all their characters to 100, gathering resources, and then turning each of those into enchants and gear worth thousands. They've increased the material cost of crafts. They've done away with Justice points and Valor, and made it so non-raiders (read: goldmakers) will be able to spend gold on non current items and gear, and they've added plenty of new gold sinks. But with an average inflation rate in WoW that has always been on the cusp of hyperinflation, I'm not the only one who doubts prices won't rise in Warlords of Draenor. So, what?

      So, prices rise. The value of gold decreases. 999,999g only buys you a mount that would have previously sold for 500k to 700k. We've got a gold cap and we might start seeing some creative moguls in trade chat start requesting a toon and a half worth of gold for those almighty mounts, especially as the supply of TCG mounts dwindles over the next year or two. Granted, I'm making two or three assumptions in this post, but if anyone sees this happen, or happens to ever see a SST sell for gold cap, let me know so I can know I wasn't entirely speculating.

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  1. I think with the recent problems with many TCG mounts and pets being duplicated by Chinese gold farmers. We won't see prices rise that much on those. Infact, I've seen TCG pets drop from 90-100k all the way down to now at 15-19k each on my server... You can sometimes find 6 to 8 ethereal soul-traders on my server at once listed on the auction house. Hell, I bought 3 Onyx Panthers yesterday for 38,500g each because of all the duping that's been going on lately.


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