Friday, November 7, 2014

Overwatch: New Blizzard Game Announced!

     At Blizzcon 2014, they just announced the first new Blizzard universe in 17 years! The game, called Overwatch, looks amazing, and will be set to launch its beta in 2015.

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     From what we see so far, from Game Developer Jeff Kaplan, it looks like a team-based first-person multiplayer shooter, allowing Blizzard to compete with fellow ActiVision games Call of Duty, as well as Team Fortress, Modern Warfare, or Far Cry. In true Blizzard fashion, they're redefining the genre and showing that you don't have to have military heroes to have an amazing multiplayer shooter. In the video there are objective captures (capture the flag). They've already shown us a huge range of Heroes.

Overwatch, Overwatch Heroes, Reaper, Mercy, Symmetra, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Pharah
Who would you play?
     And don't worry, they didn't just show us the heroes and some CGI. We got some amazing gameplay. Each player can do basic shoot-and-kill, but they also have unique abilities that help the team. Symmetra can create portals that teleport teammates. Pharah can fly, like ya do. Mercy, if you couldn't guess, is the healer. Reinhardt has a pinning/stun ability and an AoE shield. Torbjorn builds turret and can pass out armor. Overwatch has buffers, portal builders, and a monkey wearing glasses!

      The Overwatch scenery is one of my favorite parts of the video from Blizzcon. It looks beautiful and I hope that as much of it as possible make it into the actual gameplay. Here's a preview.

Overwatch, overwatch wallpaper,

overwatch, overwatch scenery, overwatch wallpaper

 overwatch, overwatch wallpaper, overwatch scenery

As we get more information, I'll either update this post or add more, depending on how much we information it is. Until then, remember to follow me on YouTube for all the latest goldmaking tips and Blizz info!

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