Saturday, January 17, 2015

Awesome Tool for Making Gold with the Warlords of Draenor Shuffle

Hey there Goldmakers!
     So, Joey Jeanes commented on my most recent video on the Warlords Ore Shuffle that it would be a good idea if someone made a spreadsheet showing how much you could buy out ore for. Well, that's a great idea! I had a really ugly working spreadsheet that I made for my original guide, but it didn't include the Savage Tarot, the Leatherworking Shuffle or the Tailoring Shuffle (the last two suck since fur and leather are so expensive at the moment).

    Anyways, hope you enjoy this little tool! Enter in your dust and shard prices for your server in the yellow boxes and the maximum buyout price for all the various shuffles will show up on the right. (Oh, and this is a working document so it may improve some from this picture.)

Link to Google Doc


  1. This can easily be ported to TSM shopping operations:
    Ore: ((DBMarket(item:109693)*7.28*.85)+(DBMarket(item:111245)*.15))/60
    Herbs: ((DBMarket(item:109693)*7.28*.85)+(DBMarket(item:111245)*.15))/40 (change 40 to 29 for average mill rage)
    Fur/Hides: ((DBMarket(item:109693)*7.28*.85)+(DBMarket(item:111245)*.15))/50

  2. I think I am in Love!! ty all for that idea. ;)


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