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Sunday Wrap Up 4/28/2013: 50k in a day and LS Update

This week was absolutely phenomenal for me. Granted, my raid team is still stuck on Horridon, but that fight is dumb and no one likes pink dinosaurs anyways. In the gold-making side of the game, it was a great week.
World of Warcraft Druid Travel Form gold
Creatures kneel before my gold making skills.
First of all, I made a lot. Had one day where I logged in to over 50k in sales. Those days don't happen a lot, but when they do, they're really exciting. Normal days are 3k-10k in sales, of which about 25-50% of which is profit by my crafting setup. But 50k and you haven't even reposted?! That's the kind of stuff where you go out and spend real money celebrating! It was a mix of Living Steel, Mega Blues, Glyphs, Meta Gems, Blacksmithing, Transmog, and a few high priced items, but nothing special like the 502 weapons. Just run of the mill items.

Second, I got to help a friend. While I have an alt or two, I'm not an altoholic, so there's not a lot to spend my gold on. A buddy that I used to run arena's with just levelled and geared a Fury Warrior, named Howtowarrior. I play warrior, so his confidence in naming makes me smile. Thing is though,  he didn't really know how to play fury. But, he's a good guy, and just like he taught me not to run over hunter traps in 2v2, I taught him not to gem mastery. It was a fun day and I was able to buy him some gear, enchant him, and spend some time working on what is actually a decently complicated rotation (17 buttons in 3 GCDs). Funny thing was though, while I have been annoyed by others who ask for gold and enchants, I was happy to help him out. Sure, he's my friend, but it is endearing when someone comes to you with an open mindset, willing to learn. You know, "Hey, I have an hour to kill, and I'm not pulling the numbers I should. Do you have time to help me find the problem?" Not only did we bond more as in game friends (we haven't actually talked in probably a year or so) but, hey, he probably got 20k in free stuff. Also, he doubled his dps. So, there's that. /target [self] /pat back

5.3 updates are in full swing! If you haven't read them, get on it and start reading up on what's going to be changing come the new patch. It'll still be a ways out, but now is the time to start any speculation.

I did a little Living Steel play last week and it has panned out pretty well, but not to the point where prices have doubled or anything. I bought LS at 375 gold, and posted them at 1000. Everyone gawked and immediately posted their inventory at 400g. So I bought it, and reposted at 900. They gawked again and reposted at 425. So I bought it and reposted at 700. They shuttered and slammed me in trade chat. They also posted more inventory at 450. So I bought that and reposted that at 700. All the bit players saw prices increased and started posting daily cooldowns at 500-700. I couldn't buy out this and maintain price increases, so I kept my 100-200 LS up at the crazy prices and sold a couple stacks at 600g, happy with the profit. Meanwhile, it seems like the higher priced ones were just reasonable enough to raise the mean and median on Auctioneer and TUJ so that the key players on the server started posting higher. Prices are about 600g now and I'm selling about 5-10 bars a day at 30-50% profit. :) Took a little time but it worked.

World of Warcraft glyph posting toon gold making
Fabulous dress, dahling. And is this
Glyph poster: 
Glyph Revenue: 4,176g
Average # of Postings: ~320

Wold of warcraft WoW posting toon banking toon WTBGold
 He cuts down trees. He eats his lunch.
Main Poster:
Lumberjack Revenue: 71,373g
Min # of Postings: 117
Max # of Postings: 581
Average # of Posting: 400-410

Total Auctioning Revenue: 75,549g
Avg # of Posting: 720
Revenue per Posting: 105g/post
World of Warcraft WoW WTBGold Reckles

My Pride and Joy
Total Gold: 158k (+49k)
Total Value of Auctions: 504k (+34k)
Total Wealth: 662k (+83k)

That's all for now, I did find a way to consistently mine up 40 stacks an hour so I'll be putting out a run down of that in a day or two. Subscribe for that! Until then remember to

Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day.

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