Saturday, April 20, 2013

Revisiting TSM Blacksmithing Groups: I Can Haz Transmog?

     Welcome back to WTBGold. Today was a quiet Saturday. The missus had to work and I REALLY didn't want to do dailies. So, I decided to do some TSM housecleaning and see if there was anything profitable in my groups that has changed. Turns out, my blacksmith's crafting queue has been missing out!

TSM Tradeskillmaster 2.0 blacksmithing Warcraft transmog
Witch-Hunter's Harvester: 4k profit
Mean-looking equals expensive.

     Until now, I've just been using the blacksmithing section of TradeSkillMaster Crafting to craft the normal end game PVP pieces and a few select PVE 496s when I have the spirits. Usually sell a set or two a day and one 496 a week. However, I haven't been crafting any transmog items. Most of my transmog sales have come from AH flipping using Faid's dealfinding lists that she posted on (RIP). Link here. But since when has the most profitable craftable blacksmith item, percentage-wise, been a trasmog piece?

How to make gold with transmog blacksmithing
Crafting Cost 173g   Profit 1836g!    YES. FREAKIN. PLEASE.

     So, for your crafting pleasure, here are the items that I've gone through and included in my new crafting. Some of them have a lot of mats and some of them don't. Some of them make you a hundred gold, some a couple thousand. But all are in the ballpark of a 100% minimum return on investment. I'll make one of everything and update y'all in a week or so based on how quickly things sell, but for now, here's the what I've added. I've also included the number of mats and ROI so you can make up your mind what you want to craft based on what your budget is and what you think your time is worth.

(item name/cost/profit/ROI/#ofMats)

     Could also include vicious pvp boot, but it only has 100g profit, which while still over 100% profit, isn't worth the time, in my opinion, compared to the rest.

     Note: Tempered Titansteel Treads have a very high mean but a low median. I have excluded them for this reason. For transmog, I base my profit calculations off between 110% and 130% median price, since standard deviation is so crazy in the transmog market. If you try to sell something at the mean of 8,000g when the median is 200g, you'll be sadly disappointed...and broke. For more information on Standard Deviation, read this post.

  • Wildguard Helm 426g / 1125g / 264% / 4
  • (Flamebane Helm is 350g profit, but there are too many lookalikes. If anyone can tell me why it's profitable, let me know and I'll craft it.)


     AND THERE YA GO! After a little bit of list reading, hopefully I have helped you make an extra 15,670g more than you would have otherwise. And even more hopefully, that'll be 15k per week. :) Let me know how you did, and if it helped you, help me by sharing and subscribing. If you have any questions, though, feel free to message me on twitter at RyanAEckles, or on YouTube.

No matter what you do though, remember, the key to gold making is to just 
Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day.

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