Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Countdown to Patch 5.4 - 12 Days: Build Up Your Inventory!

     Welcome to part two of the countdown! Only 12 days left until the Alliance and the Horde set aside our differences and beat the heck out of an empowered Warleader with the help of an orphaned dragon-man, whom we also set aside our difference in order to kill his father (...and his mommy Onyxia before that...twice...three times if you count the 60 and 80 raid seperately). Looking over at MMO-Champion, things seem to be coming to a close for Patch 5.4. On the latest PTR Build, there were only 4 ability changes, which pretty much means they have everything ironed out, until the next PvP season starts and people start complaining about how overpowered Shamans are (I'm calling it). But as it stands, we goldmakers have some hustling to do in order to prepare ourselves if we want to buy out and farm up things that will be in demand in the near future.

That poor little butterfly...

     In my previous post, I mentioned profession changes. Nev did a great write up on all the 5.4 crafting changes if you'd like to read it. In short though, things are gonna take a ton of mats, and rather than using raid essences to craft epics, we'll use normal materials like trillium, hides, and cloth, and a LOT of them. The amount of materials needed to craft PVP gear has been increased, and I expect the AH prices to increase accordingly.

The PVP Rundown
Wrist: Was-8 Bars  Now-12 Bars
Chest/Head/Legs: Was-15 Bars  Now-20 Bars
Gloves/Belt/Shoulders/Boots: Was-10 Bars  Now-15 Bars

Wrist: Was-1 Hide  Now-2 Hides
Chest/Head/Legs: Was-2 Hides  Now-3 Hides
Gloves/Belt/Shoulders/Boots: Was-1 Hide  Now-2 Hides

Wrist/Back: Was-4 Bolts  Now-6 Bolts
Chest/Head/Legs: Was-6 Bolts  Now-8 Bolts
Gloves/Belt/Shoulders/Boots: Was-5 Bolts  Now-7 Bolts

      So, looking over those numbers, there's about a 50% increase in the materials cost, which should mean about a 35% or so increase in mat prices if Blizzard doesn't mess with node spawn rates (it's not a 50% increase because Demand doesn't increase Price 1:1, since Supply and Demand are curved lines). Remember that on top of all this, everyone has their new daily cooldowns to learn all these new PVP recipes that each require 1 trillium bar, or 10 bolts, or 2 hides, just to keep the markets moving a little more. 

     These will have trickle down effects on Living Steel but I'd be hesitant to go whole hog on trying to control that market at the moment. Although, the Sky Golem mount is one of the coolest things you've ever seen.

I want to Flag PVP, sit in Twilight Highlands starting zone, and wait.

These are a new toy Engineers get to play with, and Blizzard was nice enough to let them sell them to other players so that it can finally be a profitable profession somewhere near the end of the expansion. The Sky Golem recipe requires 30 Living Steel and 30 Stabilized Lightning Source, the new Engineering daily cooldown, so Mid October would probably be the best time to unload your LS.

     You'll need about 50% more of the basic stuff for everything craftable in 5.4, so it'll be more expensive. Buy it cheap now and either flip it later if you want, or just use it and sell the results. You'll profit either way. 

Hope this post was helpful. If it was, hey, share it with your guildies and I'll see y'all for Part Three. Until next time remember to

Search. Craft. Post.


  1. Thanks for the post.

    I have 4 full sized farms in the Vale Is there a particular crop like snakeroot i should be planting or should each toon work farm for their own profession?

    1. Totally not fair! I'm way to longwinded to answer this without a separate blog post. Motes and Herbs are generally the most profitable and you'd want to farm motes on any class that needs them for things like learning all the JC/Tailoring recipes. But for everything else, it's usually more cost effective to farm herbs and then buy mats with the proceeds, but meh...whatevs. It really only makes you about 1k


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