Monday, August 26, 2013

Countdown to Patch 5.4, 14 DAYS: Sell-off Preparation

     Evil Garrosh is coming, and so are the crazy markets associated with any new patch release, so every other day, I'll be bringing you something you can do to prepare so that you can either make money with Patch 5.4...or in the case of this post, prevent you from losing your shirt!

Garrosh, Patch 5.4, MMOChampion, MMO Champion Garrosh, Siege of Orgrimmar
Poor Garrosh...This is what happens when you eat Mentos and Diet Coke. 

     It's two weeks out and time to start selling off your ilvl 522 crafted epics and Haunting Spirits. These items, like Blacksmith's Haunted Steel Headguard, Leatherworker's Quillen Hide Helm, or Tailor's Falling Blossom Hood sell more slowly than the PvP gear because of the higher prices, but luckily, everyone is gearing up alts right now and is a little more willing to pay. I've been selling them in the 25k-35k range (lower for boots, of course) but remember, you're selling off inventory, here. Craft more if you want to but do so at your own risk because prices for these will fall considerably after the 10th. If you have any Blood Spirits left over, get rid of those as well, as they will continue to drop in value, although probably not by as much as Haunting Spirits.
     If you have several Haunting Spirits, now is the time to sell them. Since TSM 2.0's release two weeks ago, I have sold 58 of them on my tiny little server...wait wait, let me log in...since TSM 2.0's release, I have sold 65 of them on my tiny little server. (Click here for my guide on how to initially set up TSM 2.0) People are hungry for the materials for the gear, even if they aren't buying out the 522 crafted markets.

Liquidating AND making a ton from it? Yes, please!

     The Blacksmithing daily recipes in patch 5.4 give iLvl 553 legs and belts (well, the Leatherworking dailies and Tailoring dailies do, too, but I like Blacksmithing best...hush). BUT, this gear only uses trillium/windwool bolts/exotic leather as base materials, so the demand for spirits will fall. Counterpoint: Helm and Feet patterns have not been introduced, so craftable 522 gear will still be an upgrade for new toons dinging 90 who have the gold to buy them and don't want to grind rep/dungeons/dailies. My rebuttal though, is that since mat prices for the spirits will fall so much, the prices for the gear will fall, making it more cost effective to sell everything you can right now, and then craft any profitable 522s that arise in the future with materials purchased in 5.4 at 5.4 mat prices.  

     In short, drop your epic prices a smidge and start selling your expensive stuff. If it doesn't sell, discount it more. You don't want to get caught in late September having to sell a 522 helm for 8,000g that you crafted for 40,000g worth of mats. Likewise, look at the chart of blood spirits compared to haunting. Two weeks after release (Sept 24th), Haunting Spirit prices will likely drop to 1k. One month after patch release (Oct 10th), expect them to sell for 600g, and in two months (Nov 10th) expect them to have bottomed at 250g. I don't know about you, but I like getting 3k a pop for em right now. :)

Other News:
     My YouTube channel is up and running, and we actually have a guide up now, too! It's completely unrelated to anything I'm talking about up above, but I had a lot of fun filming it, so here it is. Enjoy and hope you make some gold from it. So, if y'all have any requests for future videos (would you prefer addon guides? instance guides like this? PTR guides? profession walkthroughs? flipping tips?), drop me a message in the comments. 

     Until next time, follow me on Twitter for more tips, and always remember that there isn't a secret to making gold in World of Warcraft. All you have to do is just

Search. Craft. Post.
Ever Day.

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  1. You can mount in this instance, can't you?

    1. You can mount in the instance AFTER you've killed a boss, so while you could mount up after running to kill Theka on the right or Hydromancer on the left, I've found that even basic 313 damage attacks are enough to dismount you. Never been able to pull more than 4 or 5 baddies without getting knocked back off, which doesn't really work for this strategy.

      Good thinking though.

  2. I'm getting 1.2k a pop for mine on Area 52 at the moment.

    1. For spirits? Two things:

      1.) Man, that sucks. Generally the better a server is at raiding (Area 52>Tanaris) the lower its spirit prices.

      2.) CONGRATULATIONS! What's that you say? You're getting FOUR TIMES what they'll be worth on your server in a month?

      Thanks for the info. The median price right now is 2.3 k. My realm is high, yours is low. But we aren't talking price, we're talking about "the family station wagon is slowly going over the grand canyon cause dad forgot the parking brake, and we need to get as much out of it as possible before it goes careening off the edge." So not price, but price differential.


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