Friday, August 2, 2013

200k PER DAY?!

You can find WoW gold making moguls where you least expect it. Occasionally you'll find that your raid team's vegetable farmer is actually a booming tycoon who rakes in 100k-200k DAILY and has 21 MILLION Gold across all of his toons.

For those of you who may be new to the gold making game, this is just ridiculous. Jim from PowerWord:Gold is an expert and has helped thousands of players make gold. He has just over 2 million. Elvine, another expert, totes on his stream a lifetime earning of 11 million although this doesn't take into account what he's spent, or how much of that is profit. A consistent ~150k daily is bonkers. So who is this farmer?

He's missin a nickle.

I was able to sit down and talk to him for an hour shortly after I finished up the Disenchanting Goldifier post and he was nice enough to let me pick his brain. He's a quiet guy, keeps to himself, and every week keeps the guild vault overflowing with crocolisk meat, Sunsong Ranch mats, and potions. I've asked around and apparently he is also quite the miner too, supplying several people with person-to-person daily ghost iron contracts of about 100 stacks each. He's had his account active since Vanilla, and while he used to raid, doesn't do much more than LFR or the occasional alt run nowadays.

His advice:
First off, don't expect to make outrageous amounts of gold without putting in time to do so. you can make a very decent income in a limited time flipping greens, or crafting specific items, but when I asked him about how he found time to farm so much ore regularly, he said "well, do you want to raid or do you want to make gold?" So here's my interpretation. Ask yourself, "is goldmaking a legitimate part of the game to me, or just something I use to pay for the actual game itself?" If it's the former, then get out there and farm away, but be ready for the work, I vaguely remember him saying something along the lines of "12,000g a day in Auction House posting fees." If it's the latter, then take it easy, and don't kill yourself, because the game won't be as much fun.

He stays  up  to  date. One thing he's been doing regularly because of this, has been running old raids. 5.1 and 5.3 introduced some battle pets that make Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Temple of AQ, Naxx, Karazhan, Serpenshrine Cavern, and Tempest Keep extra viable to farm. There are 2 or 3 pets in each raid and each pet has a 10-25% drop chance. I've never been into Pet Battles, but gave it a whirl and ran all of em; got 7 pets ranging in value from 800g to 6,000g. If you bother to loot corpses with an updated version of The Undermine Journal Addon, you'll get a ton of sellable transmog. I generally only pick up anything worth more than 200g, and get about 5-10 pieces per raid. My fingers are crossed for your AQ runs. Do this every week on multiple toons, and multiple accounts, and you can rake in a hefty sum. I'd put an expected value of loot at about 20,000g/character per week for all 7 raids.

One transmog costs 150,000g more than the other. Sure. Whatever.

He follows a plan, and has been using the same 14 methods to make gold since he started, 11 of which do not directly use the Auction House. What are those methods? Well, sorry guys, but I don't know him well enough to have gotten the whole shoot-n-works, and honestly, I don't know if he'd want THAT much of his secret out there. However, I can say that, the aforemention battle pet farming is not one of the core steps to making gold, and from how the conversation went, neither was daily questing. Both are merely bonuses. I can say that rep grinding has something to do with it, so let's just speculate that old-world rep-required transmog items would sell for a decent markup on the AH without any competition. What I can say for sure though, is that if you find something that works for you in particular on your server, stick to it.* Heck, write it down on a laminated checklist and keep it by your computer if that helps you. Use a dry erase marker and every day go through your checklist. May seem silly but until you get used to a system, little things like this can really help. (*Note: Stick to it, but always keep an eye out for ways to improve.) PostEdit: Alternatively, you can just use this checklist addon. Thanks to GoblinRaset's blog.

Embrace all markets. To bring in that amount of gold, you need to diversify diversify diversify. So, you have two max-level professions? Great! Go get two more. You have four now? Great! Go get two more. Or, if that's too much crafting for your taste, Google some other ways to make gold. Flip some greens. Snatch some pets for cheap from another realm (I'll fight you to the death on the term "Arbitrage," Jim!) You can even Duel people for gold, if PVP is your thing. Specific advice from Mr. 200k, was to focus not just on crafted items but also on farming and selling materials, specifically stocking up on Ghost Iron ore/bars like a mad man in preparation for the new patterns in 5.4. Each pattern requires a higher amount of bars than the current ones do, and the rumor mill has Blizz even upping the spawn rate on the GIO nodes in the Valley to compensate, so that prices don't skyrocket longterm.

I'll be sure to keep everyone informed of any future information I glean from him that is worth sharing, but follow me on Twitter cause we all discuss things there too. He's a really nice guy, and I've not only made a lot of gold since talking to him, but I've enjoyed our conversations. Good to have new guildies to talk to. :)

Until next time, remember that all of this can be summed up in a few simple words:
Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day.


  1. This may give me the kick-up-the-arse I needed to get going on the gold making again. At the moment I do gems daily, and log into my transmog flipper (and other random shite) when I fancy putting in the time... because she has over 1,000 items to list and that takes a lot of time. But I'm not making use of my Skinning/Leatherworking/Tailoring (much)/Enchanters/and my Blacksmithing hasn't had a look in for a long time.. I like the AQ run idea. I have 4 90s I can do this on and it certainly makes sense! Thanks for the great post.

  2. hard to believe. in my "active" time, i used 2-3 accounts and self written ah bots for nearly all profitable markets on my server: glyph, jc, ench, crafted pvp items, etc. + flipping items (my tuj list has 1400 items and i barely missed a valuable item) + an army of transmute alchemists and scribes
    the bots ran 16h/day, large server, and most of the stuff was posted on both factions. i had over 20mio liquid after 1year and a lot of tcg mounts.

    i do believe that he can make that much gold/day. but it involves heavy botting. its not possible do do that legit. and definitely not with farming ore...

  3. Wow! Interesting read, thank you. I with I had the patience to put in the time, but even if I did, I'm sure I wouldn't have anything close to those results!

  4. I have been following Jim for a while now, Calm and collected. Willing to help others and often sets up streams of live gold making. Very active in the gold making community.

  5. «has been using the same 14 methods to make gold since he started, 11 of which do not directly use the Auction House»

    Uh, you're saying he gets stuff sold to your guild, and that there's only 3 methods he uses on the AH, then the bulk of his income is still shady. To fish and farm that much, does he happen to be botting?

    1. Good question, and I can pretty confidently say no. I'm good at sniffing out botters and he has none of the signs (he logs off, answers tells, will join up for guild LFR pugs, etc).

      I'm understand having the first thought be disbelief. "Surely if he's making this much more gold than me, he must be cheating."

      Fight that thought and focus the energy on believing in yourself.

  6. I agree... my avg daily income p/day usually sits around 45k and it is because of heavily diversifying and hitting multiple markets. I feel as if I am a casual player among the people running in the major leagues of gold making because I see that I only put in 'x' amount of effort, which still gives me plenty of time to do other things.

    I can only imagine if I really maximized time and effort into gold making that it is not an unreasonable goal.

    Plus remember, when I say 45k p/day that's just revenue... profit is more like 25k-30k with my methods. I wonder what his margins are

  7. Selling on a regular basis to have revenue of 100-200k a day takes a lot of time. The part that is concerning is the selling of several 100stacks of ore. I get that he rarely plays the other part of the game but to farm say 400 stacks of ore takes some time. To do so everyday????? Sadly this feels more like some one who is buying from a gold farmer and reselling or is using another account to bot. I can be reading too much into this part of what he does though.

    Contrary to his comment you dont have to spend hours upon hours to have crazy amounts of gold. I too have played since vanilla and have well over 5million gold and bought every mount out there a few times over. My play style is to raid and play my alts. Gold making is a sideline of 15-30 minutes a day. You can make easily 10-20k a day (profit not sales) when you are organized and know multiple markets.

  8. 21 million is more than you can hold on one server with one account. You know, since the cap is 1M, and you can't have 21 characters on a server with one account.

    1. Guild vaults, my friend, have unlimited storage as of 5.2 I think it was :)

    2. I understand that, but I can't see having any motivation to keep going after the server cap. I can understand, having say 7 million, feeling that the server cap would be the next major threshold...but I don't see what would keep you going beyond that point.

  9. You can store 1mio gold in a guild bank. And if thats still not enough (like it was for me), you can store your gold in the mail box, like any other item.

  10. Are you really that hard up for content that you are going to believe some random person claiming to have 200K/Day in sales? Its Impossible. Go farm up 100 stacks of ore, see how long that takes. Plus do that a few times every day, and then time for other gold making activities. He's admitted to botting the AH. He probably has like 3 accounts. 2 that bot raw mats, and then a 3rd thats a AH bot that just camps the AH.

    1 account, can make you 10K/day profit a day, botting, easy. This could be done while you sleep or work. During your actual play time, you could run your accounts through old world content for pets and such.

    200k a day, is impossible, unless you have tons of accounts that your constantly botting on them ( which I have heard of ).

    As far as Jim and Elvine, I don't respect either one. They both make a big push to profit off of the community. I've been gold capped since TBC, and learned the ways of gold making from JMTC. Atleast there, information was free, people shared ideas, techniques, addons etc.

    The nice part about gold making is that I've given up the daily grind. Whats the point? I'd rather just flip tcg items. 500K to 1m a week in profit, with very little effort. Sure all the gold making methods are available...but after while, its just a grind.

    1. Not going to comment on most of this, since you're just throwing out accusations, and to clarify for everyone, no he did not admit to botting the AH. I let this comment go through though because you go from expressing how impossible it is make 200k gold without botting, to how YOU made 500k to 1m a week in profit (i.e. 200k/day) flipping TCG cards, a technique that I believe many people could do without a degree in computer science. Thanks for the tip.


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