Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Countdown to Patch 5.4 - 6 Days: Say Goodbye to Inscription's Daily Glyph Cooldown!

     Oh my goodness, can you believe the Vale is going to be destroyed in less than a week?! I'm so nervous I'm actually a little queezy. Actually, that may just be because I've got a cold. :-( Yah, I'm a little sick today so I'll keep this one short for y'all but here's the information you need to get your scribe ready to make some serious gold. That's right, they're making some serious revamps to glyphs for Patch 5.4 and introducing a new way for inscription to learn the recipes, doing away with the glyph daily cooldown. So, here are the five major points to be away of, my recommended gameplan, followed by the full list of the current glyph recipes in the PTR database right now. In the list, any that I've heard substantial buzz over (i.e. you should sell these for a lot ~ 1-2k initially with no competition) will be marked.

Glyph of One With Nature: Teleports you anywhere...that has trees. 
Cause you know, druids like trees.

1. Continue to learn all your old recipes through the daily CD. It's still in place. It's only the new 5.4 recipes that are affected by the change. Just wanted to get that out there, first and foremost.

2. Currently, there are 42 new glyphs that are being introduced, and this patch will go down in history as being the first actually introduces some useful minor glyphs: Warriors get Glyph of Subtle Defender, Druids get Glyph of Sprouting Mushroom, DKs get Glyph of Long Winter and there are many others.

3. There is 1 new iLvl 476 craftable PVP trinket, the Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity.

3. The Patch 5.4 Glyphs are learned by killing mobs; half the techniques are Bind on Pickup from killing mobs in Pandaria and half the recipes are Bind on Equip from killing in the Timeless Isle (Note: Since the Isle is in Pandaria, the BoP patterns can drop from Timeless Isle mobs as well as BoE techniques). The Medallion is a World Drop.

4. The requirements for learning them are Inscription 500. The Timeless Isle quest chain requires lvl 90, and while I haven't tested it, I suppose you might be able to teleport there with a warlock and do the grind in a party if not lvl 90. Just be warned, the mobs in the Isle hit VERY HARD, and are designed for ilvl 500+ geared players. My warrior is 545, and on the PTR they knocked out 1/3 of my health per hit. It's actually kind of embarrassing, but exciting at the same time. In short, be 90 and geared or with friends.

     I'm not quite sure how the breakdown will work out, but have not heard promising things from people who have grinded out Timeless Isle. To make gold in patch 5.4 from inscription quickly, go ahead and find your favorite Pandaria lvl 90 farming spot: Dread Scar, Krasarang Daily mobs, Golden Lotu...oh wait...From there, move on to Timeless Isle and kill a bunch of guys there for the coins, which you need to grind out anyways.
      For now, what you need to do is just focus on gearing your self by running LFR and your daily Heroic Scenario cache, if you don't have a regular Normal/Heroic raid team. Six days is enough to go from zero to hero with the current gear available, if you load up on coins from the Isle of Giants Palace of Lei Shen scenario.

Update 9/11/2013
     The new patch has been out for a day and I wanted to clarify a gameplan that seems to be working well.
Situation 1: Your scribe is geared and 90. Go to Timeless Isle and kill stuff, following along with the normal quest chain. Both BoE and BoP inscription techniques will drop. Expect to grind out to about 50,000 timeless coins before you have all the patterns.

Situation 2: Your scribe is not geared but 90. Do the Timeless Isle quest chain on your main. After killing a bunch of mobs, you'll have a bag full of 496 bind on account gear and a few Burdens of Eternity so you can just send those over to your scribe and after an hour of just questing, WHAMMO! alt is geared to the teeth. Then send your scribe to the Isle.

Situation 3: Your scribe isn't 90 yet. With the Noodle Cart Kit quests, people are running old dungeons a lot, so take advantage of that on alts and level em. The techniques can drop from dungeon groups as well, so kill turtles in the valley (if you're level 80-86), monkeys in the wilds, or bugs in the scar while you're waiting for your queue to pop. Once you hit 90, proceed to Situation 2. End Update

Full List of New Glyphs in Patch 5.4
Death Knight
          Glyph of Loud Horn - TI
          Glyph of Regenerative Magic - TI
          Glyph of Festering Blood
          Glyph of Swift Death
          Glyph of the Skeleton - TI
          Glyph of the Long Winter
          Glyph of the Sprouting Mushroom
          Glyph of One with Nature - TI
          Glyph of the Lean Pack - TI
          Glyph of Enduring Deceit
          Glyph of Chameleon
          Glyph of Focused Fire
          Glyph of Condensation - TI
          Glyph of Evaporation - TI
          Glyph of the Unbound Elemental
          Glyph of Divine Shield
          Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice
          Glyph of the Exorcist
          Glyph of Pillar of Light - TI
          Glyph of Angels
          Glyph of Shifted Appearances
          Glyph of Inspired Hymns - TI
          Glyph of the Sha
          Glyph of Headhunting - TI
          Glyph of Improved Distraction
          Glyph of Purging
          Glyph of Eternal Earth
          Glyph of Spirit Raptors
          Glyph of Lingering Ancestors - TI
          Glyph of Spirit Wolf
          Glyph of Flaming Serpent
          Glyph of the Compy
          Glyph of Elemental Familiars
          Glyph of Astral Fixation
          Glyph of Rain of Frogs - TI
          Glyph of Havoc - TI
          Glyph of Impaling Throws - TI
          Glyph of the Executor
          Glyph of the Raging Whirlwind
          Glyph of the Subtle Defender
          Glyph of the Watchful Eye - TI
          Glyph of the Weaponmaster - TI

And that's about it. We scribes are no stranger to long grinds, be it posting or learning recipes, so get out there and get killing things. However, if you aren't geared on your scribe, go run some LFRs and Normal mode Throne of Thunders, because you will need the gear. Other than that, remember to follow me on Twitter, share this with your guildies if it was helpful, and to

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Every Day.

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  1. Fantastic post, everything I need to know but hadn't bothered looking up yet.

    My main is also a warrior, so I'm not sure when I'll get out there on my other crafting toons.

    1. Thanks! This should be a first-come first-serve patch for gyphers, but should be pretty decent profits in my opinion. Although, as a disclaimer, I am relatively new to the market.

      On another topic, I think I'm the only Warrior out there not wetting himself with excitement over the Weaponmaster glyph. I just spend way too much time and gold coordinating my weapons with my outfit to have some random *** sword out of my bags start swinging against a boss. No, sir. Not for me.

  2. This is an awesome post, thank you!

    Glyphs are my main source of income right now as enchanting sucks on my server at the moment so this is the perfect post for me, awesome!

    I went on PTR and tried the Isle with my mage (not my scribe) and she did struggle with mobs so I'm gonna concentrate on gearing my scribe up some more before 5.4, although I will have a partner with me so hopefully we'll be ok!

    Thanks again!

  3. First of all this is an awesome site and an awesome job you are doing I've made more gold in a week than I have in 5 months keep it going its great. My question regarding this topic is will it be only scribe toons that will be able to pick up these glyphs or can my other toons pick it up and mail it to him?

    1. Thanks so much! Still relatively new so I <3 new cheerleaders.

      To answer your question, yes and no. We were all still testing when I wrote this but PhatLewts figured it out, pretty much. The pandaria recipes are BoP, and the TI recipes are BoE and actionable/tradable.

      Wait a second, that makes the whole gearing up advice of this post null and void...well then...I should get on that. $@#&%*

  4. I'm glad my scibe is my main. Will make collecting the recipes a lot less painful (and time consuming).

  5. Question - are there any plugins that will tell me what glyphs my inscripter knows and does not yet know?

    1. Answer - yes. Check out Acki recipe list, it gives you every recipe for every profession. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/arl

  6. So for the ones on the Timeless Isle say I go on a toon that's not my scribe will I be able to loot the recipes if they drop and send them to my scribe for sure?

    1. Yes and no. You will definitely be able to send on over the 16 Bind on Equip ones. However, you will be missing the opportunity to loot the Bind on Pickup drops. Which, to my knowledge, only drop if the toon killing the mobs has max inscription. Does that make sense?

      So, short answer. Yes. You can send over the recipes. I have found several on Reckles and have mailed them myself. :)


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