Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gold Raid 2014: The First All-Goldblogger Raiding Event!

WTBGold proudly presents a raid over 100 million gold in the making!
#GOLD RAID  2014

     On February 8th we will be livestreaming an All-Goldblogger flex raid featuring all of your favorite members of the goldmaking community.  This is going to be freaking awesome! Anyone and everyone in the goldblogging community is going to be there, and the confirmed toons range in ilvl from 378 to 574, so even if we don't kill Garrosh "knock Garrosh unconscious," you're in for a fantastic show. Come and show your support on the night of the event, root for your favorite blogger, ask questions about goldmaking, or try to just get to know the faces behind the blogs. This is the first time everyone has come together live in one place, so share the news with your friends and guildies!

GoldRaid Participants:
Matticus World of Matticus
Faid ClockworkRiot
Jim Younkin PowerWord:Gold
Phat Lewts Phat Lewts Gold Blog
Twitchie Twitchie Enterprises
Selltacular Copper to Gold
Stede Late Nite With Stede
Gold King WoW Gold King
WowDotBen The Gold Blog Method
Thairus Thairus' Creative Accounting
Kuja Kuja's Gold Mine
Goblin Raset The Drunken Mogul
Reckles WTBGold

Livestream Participants:
Soco Vault of Light
NevAH Auction House Addict
Grayz WoW or Gold
GimpsGold Gimps Gold
8BitBruce Every Last Copper

Official Stream:

     If there's a blogger you'd like to see that's not in the above list, send them a tweet and let them know about the #GoldRaid. We all write for you guys, and this is a great chance to give back. I got ahold of everyone I could but couldn't reach everyone without letting the cat out of the bag. :) So, email, twitter, or comment at them, and let's see if we can make this a 25-man!

     If you're a blogger and I wasn't able to reach you, but you would like to participate, you can reach me on Twitter of by sending an email through the "Email Me" section on the sidebar of the blog. Feel free to also contact me in game at Reckles#1635. It will be an Alliance US raid, and if you only have a lvl 85 or something like that, never fear. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you leveled and in decent gear in time.

     We will also be giving away 2 Spectral Tiger Cubs on the night of the event. 1 to a random livestream viewer, and 1 to the winner of the Twitter contest.
To win, just Retweet this post.

See you there!

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