Thursday, May 2, 2013

Glypher to 65

Short post today, but made a big step in the glyph market. Finally had enough time to get my glyph maker to level 65. Which means, she can start learning and making Lick King/Northrend glyphs. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, but as far as I know, that's a huge majority of them. DK's don't have any higher than that, and a few other classes too. So while I won't be able to play in the entire market, once I spend the next 80 years doing Daily Northrend Research, I'll be able to at least see what the profit potential of the glyph market really is. The past two weeks have been beetween 3k and 4k. Hopefully we'll be able to improve on that pretty significantly, since today alone I learned 15 new recipes. For fellow inscriptionists, don't forget to regularly scan the AH for Books of Glyph Mastery under 300g or so. They only save you one daily cooldown though if you're considering profitability, so really, even 100g is too much in a competitive market.

Not sure if I'll power level this toon to 90 so she can do MoP inks and glyphs or not, but I'm just glad there's forward momentum in what has been a fairly stagnant section of my gold making strategy. 
 Well, I'm off to scrutinize some Horridon videos and see where I can improve. 

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