Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Biggest Opportunities...

....are always at a new patch or expansion. While I was expecting the supply-side Gathering Changes to be the biggest market force, I was off the mark in the short run (Edit: herbs are down, as expected, but ore....). In /g the other day a friend said "Man, I just spent 1,000g regemming" to which someone else said "yah, me too." Turns out, that because of the pvp power changes (and a few class changes) people are regemming EVERYTHING, especially on PVP servers. This has caused a HUGE shift in the immediate demand for gems. Luckily JCs have been able to keep up and most markets don't have people paying 4,000g per gem.

Gems are still selling very very well, although it may not be the mad dash it was that first day (apparently some people did very very well for themselves, pulling in upwards of 25k-40k per hour in gem sales). There have been recommendations made as to what gems to sell, and the list I've heard repeatedly is
Amethyst - Mysterious, Tense, Assasin
Jade - Forceful, Zen, Jagged
Sun's Radiance - Quick, Smooth, Mystic
Vermillion Onyx - Deft, Artful, Adept, Reckless
DO NOT CRAFT THESE! Well, you'll probably craft some of them, but hold your horses. This list is from a great, informed, but relatively new goblin on I crafted these on a whim from his recommendation when I first read it and sure enough, not all of them sold because that was what sold well for the class makeup on his realm and not mine. My recommendation is to go to The Undermine Journal for your realm, navigate to crafted-jewelcrafting-rare and craft 5 to 10 of anything yellow or red, but be ready to go back and craft another 100. For whatever reason, on Tanaris-US Smooth Sun's Radiances are selling out every 60 seconds but that's it. I was either late to the party or am not on a happening server. Still, sold 5k in gems yesterday, so it was a good day, and I'm liking the new patch so far.

Dammit, Garrosh, this is why we can't have nice things!

Also, sell your Latent Kor'kron Armor NOW. Prices are dropping quickly, so take advantage of people willing to pay 2-3k while you can!

Got Ji Kun down last night, so we're sitting at 4/13. One of our raiders got very lucky when the Heroic TF staff dropped. Our last pull of the night was a 1% wipe so we did one more and got her down. I know it's one of the intro heroic fights, but really, that fight is rough. I prefer dps checks.

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