Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Do It!

I just learned something amazing about goldmaking from a level 38 monk who has never heard of The Undermine Journal,, and didn't know what an addon was: in other words, a noob. What he told me just blew me away. Get this, he told me that he made 5,000 gold in the past 5 days just from mining copper ore.

Ok ok, so maybe it's not stupendously impressive. A lot of you out there can make 5000g in a day if you want to. Some of you might even be able to rake in 5000g in an hour or two with some shenanigans and a little bit of luck or timing. But think about it, at level 38, this guy made enough gold to pay for the average raider's weekly upgrades, repairs, enhancements, and consumables, and he did so with the LEAST profitable ore on the LEAST profitable profession.

Sorry, Lilliam. Engineering doesn't even qualify as a profession anymore.

Since I started blogging, a couple of my guildies have started coming to me for advice. I've helped them set up TradeSkillMaster.  But really, this level 38 is who they should be talking to because addons help you save time, but making gold is all about my sign off "Search. Craft. Post. Every Day." And that's what this guy did.

Rather than hanging out in Stormwind, he just kept his character at the entrance to Deadmines while he was waiting on dungeon queues to pop. He still chatted with friends in guild chat but was also able to fill up a couple bags of ore a few times over that way. Whenever bags were full he'd either smelt them or sell em. The most important thing I got from the brief time I spent chatting with him though was that he enjoyed it; mining ore and skinning was calming for him. So try to stick with professions that you enjoy! While copper ore has spiked a couple times to 1.5g and 2g on Tanaris-US, is has averaged between 60s ang 1g per ore, which means he farmed up...a lot. If he spent the same amount of time, (or if YOU spent the same amount of time) farming ghost iron, which is much more plentiful, in between dungeons, heroic scenarios, or whatever, you would be very wealthy.

I mean, "click here" if you really want to, but just get out there and go mine some!

So, here's the moral before I go get all longwinded: if you need gold, or spirits, or achievement points, or valor, or gear, JUST GO GET IT! This game is full of really fun distractions, and if you want to enjoy those distractions, go ahead. But if you are really going after a specific goal, then avoid everything else. 

  • Stay out of Stormwind and Ogrimmar.
  • Spend and hour farming  those spirits of harmony.
  • Make sure you craft and post everything you can whenever you log in.
  • Dedicate 30 minutes a day to mining. 
  • Run 1 random a day for Valor cap.
  • You'll be glad you did. 

And until next time:

Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day. (And maybe spend a little more time in Deadmines, lol)

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  1. So he farmed in the mineshafts outside the entrance I'm assuming? He couldn't likely be in a dungeon queue while inside the Deadmines instance. Right? Or could he?

  2. Hey, Jim. Thanks for reading. As far as I know he was outside the entrance, but since you bring it up, and since Wowhead is only showing 2 nodes outside the instance, I'm gonna go hop on my bear and head down to Westfall. Those red bandana wearin people're gonna diiee!


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