Friday, May 3, 2013

Lesson Learned

So, I think I hit it too hard last week. I mean, didn't do too much out of the ordinary, but with the blog taking off, I guess I wanted to show off for you guys and show that I knew what I was talking about. You know, get my bankroll up and all that jazz. Granted, I did that, so my bank toon is happy, but honestly, I'm just whooped.
Son of Animus World of Warcraft WoW Glyph Posting Toon
All that Bubbling Anima makes her sleepy.
      In the past week, I kept things pretty normal, but added an extra cancel/rescan during the day, which is against my whole "diversify" mantra. Rather than craft once every day or two, I crafted once or twice a day. While that's probably normal for some moguls out there, I'm not used to it. And honestly, it got me thinking about doing a mass crafting session of the pvp goods during the weekends. You know, "make 5 of each of the contenders sets." Something along those lines. So I can just "Set it and Forget it."

Ron Popeil 3 Easy Payments Set it and forget it
Don't you toy with me Ron Popeil!
      In other news, some friends over at Stormspire recommended some other blacksmith transmog craftables so I bought about 30k of mob drop recipes off the AH (Don't worry, they were all good deals! I checked!) So, hopefully that'll increase income in the near future. One problem I've run into though is finding a way to find and store the huge amount of new mats required for the transmog items. With current gear, crafting is simple; get GIB and Trillium, and find an anvil. With transmog crafting, once you load your queue, you're presented with 80 billion different mats. It's very profitable, and I've already broken even with a majority of the items still on the AH, but crafting has been a pain. It'll take a little doing and some time in Excel but a dealfinding list should do the trick. That way, any time I there are mats on the AH, I'll be able to snatch them up. Not 100% sure how best to prepare for future crafts though, but, experience will tell. I'll let you know as I go. Until then, keep up the routine and remember to

Search. Craft. Post.
Every Day.

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