Thursday, May 16, 2013


World of Warcraft madness this is sparta

Alright, so maybe I'm going a little overboard, but this is a follow up on the blacksmith shenanigans from earlier. Here's the situation in case you missed it. One person had no idea what they were doing and posted every craft at zero profit. No goals competative meta goals in mind, just trying to make any gold they could, erroneously thinking that endercutting by 400g meant things would sell faster (Hint: it doesn't; a 1c undercut is the same as a 400g). Her presence had 2 of my BS guildies and 2-3 other competitors posting under 100g for current items that should be worth over 400-500g. Then, it spread. 

She had an alt.

I looked at leatherworking and the same was happening there. Then the presence of leather prices drove down cloth prices and then the whole AH started dropping. Not a lot mind you- 5%, maybe 10%. There's a lot going on in the marketplace, and I'm not sure if it was this girl's fault, but I'm personally vested and wasn't willing to take the chance. I also have a lot of inventory at stake. So, I took a big risk and made a play.

I reset the PvP market. All of it. It was awesome. Literally went through and bought/reposted at 150% global median price every single item on the AH that started with the word "Crafted." 500 pieces in total. But because prices were so ridiculously low, I was able to do this for only about 65k. Granted, that's a lot, and way more than I'm willing to afford right now. But luckily, even if they don't all sell, they're all good looking transmog stuff that will sell for more than 90g later.

Temporary results:
Two blacksmiths have dropped: the main undercutter, and one other that I didn't keep track of
One of my guildies stopped undercutting by as much. Not sure why. I should talk to him though, because he's killing his profit.

Now, I don't normally do talking points but let's throw this one out there:
Do you guys think this was a good idea or a bad one?
What else good could happen?
How could it backfire?

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  1. Glyphs. I hate glyphs. Specifically epic shoulder enchants. This relates because 2 weeks ago the same thing happened with these to me. Someone cut the price in half from 500g then to 50g. (regular ones were still selling for 75-100 - more than the epics)
    How can this backfire? you buy it all out and then the vendor price - predicated by the material cost goes down.

    This can't happen to blacksmithing because of ore prices? Given the node changes it is quite possible. Ore is likely to flood the market, at least briefly. Granted not this week but that good looking transmog may be craftable for 50c when it becomes fashionable transmog - and takes up bank space till then.


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